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10 April 2012

Holy Shit Was That A UFO I Saw!

I have been an avid UFO follower for as long as I can remember. I have watched the UFO shows, the UFO films, I know all about the supposed downed disks, I have watched that great little series 'Ancient Aliens' on The Discovery Channel and watched more programs and read books about cattle mutilations and even crop circles. For years I always had hoped I would see something to satisfy my curiosity and it was only on the this April week in 2012 whilst on a trip I actually saw something, "believe it or not, NOT!" as my old friends used to say.

I was surprised more than anyone that I actually now had seen something of which for years I was so interested in. The interest had subsided a little after my move to Turkey partly because I didn't understand the language at first and thought that maybe there were no UFO sightings in Turkey and partly because I had started a family so there wasn't even time to blink. A long time ago, I did see a triangular shaped craft. It was lit up like a Christmas tree but I am not some crazy person that sees something strange and immediately thinks that is from out of this world. I decided at that time to try and work out what it definitely could be first. A triangular shape with no sound, lights everywhere with a speed of possible 20 miles an hour (which would have dropped from the sky if it were a plane) and I settled on that this was a secret British military plane project, maybe Project Aurora as named in the press. Seeing a triangle shaped weird looking craft was apparently quite normal in the skies of the UK and especially one as weird as the one I had seen, so, I don't really believe this was anything extra terrestrial or other worldly.

So, to the present day whilst on holiday in Altinoluk and after a trip to Assos, I was surprised to see a red moon as we settled for the evening meal as were many of the other tourists. The sky and sea where completely still almost unreal. I was curious about the moon because I had never seen anything that strange with the colouring of the moon. I as well as the other tourists tried to take a decent picture which I don't think any of us had success due to the darkness and long exposure settings creating camera shake. Later on when the moon eventually rose and it turned back to it's familiar white colour I was happy to see the familiarity once again. I took some more pictures of the now normalised moon because I love photography and I had never taken any pictures of the moon zoomed close up and personal. I took about twenty pictures and was not extremely successful in getting even one good shot. The time was roughly about 2.00 a.m. in the morning. I only got one picture that showed the grey patches on the moon the rest were bleached out. Before I had ventured out on to my hotel room's balcony I remember saying to my wife, "I am going to see something out of this world tonight!" or similar words to that effect and like I had said I did see something possibly out of this world. Many would possibly say, "You said you were going to see it, that is why you saw it, it's all in the mind!" I believe we are all like antennas and if we are available to receive a signal then maybe this opens up to different worldly things or things from different dimensions. At maybe around 2.10 a.m. and only for one fleeting moment I saw it. The clouds had started to crowd in over the whole horizon, to the right of the horizon was a flashing almost like a thunder storm was starting from the build up of clouds. That's exactly what I thought it was to just a thunder storm brewing in the background. In the clouds above me I could occasionally make out the moon as the clouds kept passing it, everything was feeling a little weird and quiet, too quiet. Dogs had been barking across the whole area which we could see from the hilltop and they all seemed to stop barking at the same time. Then an opening opened up in the clouds roughly triangle in shape, it was high up, I can't specify a distance and then from one side of the cloud to the other side of the cloud there it was. A round white ball shape appeared with what appeared to be burning rays of white on it's  outer edge and as quick as it appeared it was gone. Very fleeting glance and hard to explain what it definitely    was but I know was it definitely wasn't. It wasn't a planet, a shooting star, a jet aircraft, a bird, a kite or a balloon. What it definitely was, was a high speed craft made of what, I am not sure, speed, I am not sure, but speedy, and purpose, I haven't a clue. It was a definite UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) and was I feel not of this world, maybe of another dimension. Although, it seemed fairly clear in clarity, the ball seemed to be a little fuzzy as if blurred slightly but not quite the same.

I was spooked, I didn't lose any time, so, I wasn't abducted and I don't have anything amazing to tell apart from what I believe I saw. All I know there are many strange things in our world and we do not question as much as we should. Questions should be asked of everything because this is a weird world but just because I have only now had one verifiable experience doesn't mean it cannot be true. I leave it up to the reader to decide and to tell if they have ever had any strange experiences with UFO's. In the words of X-Files "Trust no-one!" Not one single person I told wanted to believe anything about it and rather than treat this phenomena as a kind of experience, people prefer to hide behind the lie to themselves that they ever saw something strange. Many people would put this down to an angel from God or something of this nature and maybe they're right but we will just never really know unless the phenomena is investigated as a an experiment is rather than just brushed under the carpet and forgotten about.

I checked on Google shortly after for any similar events and although I couldn't find anything completely the same as my experience, I did find this video from Izmir which is very interesting and worth a look. It is more interesting for me because of the conversation in the background which makes the video look like it is actually a real Phenomena:

Karşiyaka UFO's
Not so clear but with buildings in foreground to show proportions and speech that shows the people are a little spooked by the UFO's.

Possibly the same Izmir UFO's
A lot clearer with close-up

Keep your eyes on the skies you may catch a sight. Seems that there are more and more sightings in Turkey at the moment.


Liam Murray said...

I love this post! Actually, a friend of mine in Izmir had his car trailed by a bright light for about half an our on the road from Manisa. I remember his story well.

Izmir Blogger said...

Liam, it would be nice if you could share a few more details about the story. Obviously you can blank out the names to save face because people do like to ridicule or debunk stories as soon as they hear them. So, if you have any more details and don't mention names of anyone this would spare them from the embarrassment of none believers making them look stupid.