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13 September 2006

Konak Pier

Konak Pier is located about 300 meters from the Clock tower. As its name indicates, it literally extends over the sea.

We have gathered differing versions as to what the building originally was; a landing for ships -it isn't very far from the (old?) customs office building- or a food market.

At any rate, it was apparently restored in keeping with the spirit of the original architecture and offers splendid views of the sunset.

"Konak" in Turkish means "mansion or large and imposing house" (Redhouse dictionary)

Konak Pier is now an attractive shopping mall and houses a number of up-market clothes and shoe shops, a book-shop (English press and books available), a cinema, a hairdresser, beauty shop, and a variety of bars, cafes, and restaurants.

Preferred restaurants include:

Mezzaluna, for a fine Italian meal, (right at the end of the pier, turn right, as if you wanted to go back along the other side)

Although the view from Mezzaluna (left) is not quite as good as the one from the tip of the pier.

Home Store Cafe-Bar-Restaurant (right at the end of the pier) where you can have a club sandwich or sushi, tea and cake, or an apéritif while enjoying the comfy cushions and the lounge music.

Konak Pier also has its own parking lot. Although small, the parking valets manage to squeeze an amazing amount of cars in! (5 YTL/hour).


Idil said...

I've got to admit that each time I'm in Izmir, I love going to Konak Pier and relax. It's such a lovely place. Too bad we don't have something similar in Istanbul.

Semavi Lady said...

It looks beautiful. Italian food, mmm. Now that sushi sure looks good!

halkla ilişkilerci said...

A very nice blog for the promotion of Izmir. I will cite this blog as a good example in a symposium that will be in 22-24th of October named Izmirli Olmak (Being from Izmir/Being Izmirian whatsoever...)

Anonymous said...

I love this place too much. was visiting izmir with my turkish friend 4 weeks ago and will come back soon ... enjoyed each place i visited in izmir and the surrounding areas(by the way, it is always a perfect holiday for a german woman if she will travel with a turkish man...and íf he is as gentle as mine friend is...a 100% perfect stay!!!..), but this morning relaxing with chilling music and a big mug of coffee...and then visiting a shop with a great artbook (photo art about istanbul dogs) PERFECT !!!