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28 June 2012

Bangkok Flowers go to gogoflorist.com

I know some of you out there are not just based in Izmir. Some of you get around a little and as international travellers and in touch with other international travellers you might occasionally want to send a gift to your friend abroad. I recently wanted to send my friend a gift in Thailand, I decided on flowers. I couldn’t read the Thai language so I searched and stumbled on a wonderful little website to find flowers, Bangkok Flowers 

The website is in English and has wonderful arrays of flowers including bouquets of fresh flowers, single flowers and other flower sets for Bangkok and the surrounding locales. Bangkok flower delivery offers fast delivery and since they are based near to the central market they are able to get fresh flowers throughout the day. They don’t use couriers because they delivery directly from their Bangkok florists. They believe it is a nicer experience to receive from the florist and not from a courier company. They have a team of highly skilled professional florists that produce beautiful flower arrangements and are open 7 days a week and every day of the year. Orders made by 4:00PM can be sent on the same-day in Bangkok.

They can also send flowers to any other area in Thailand because they have a network of florists that cover the whole of Thailand.

If any of my readers ever use their services I am sure you will be happy. One thing is for sure they did a great job for me and a great job and great service deserves a mention. Thank you Flowers Thailand and thank you Bangkok Flowers!