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8 October 2006

Learning Turkish

If you’re like most people, you’ll probably pick up a few words here and there. The repeated “hos geldiniz”, “Merhaba”, “iyi günler” and “buyurun” gradually penetrate your psyche and stick after a while – but you might need more… and frustration does build up when you need to get a clear message across and it’s not happening. Whatever your reason, you might be thinking about learning Turkish, so here are a few recommendations:

First the schools:

Address English are mainly focused on English lessons, but also give Turkish lessons to foreigners. Their rate for private (Turkish) lessons is 60 ytl per hour plus 8% KDV (VAT). They are located near the Hilton Hotel, (check their website for a map indicating how to get there)

What Meryem says about Address:
"To my husband and myself they presented a flexible attitude: you decide what you would like to learn. For example I would like to improve my professional (Turkish) speaking skills, so a special program for me is receiving everyday via e-mail homework exercises, and have one hour coaching sessions per week to go through the exercises. They have a professional office, with all equipment available".

Another option is Tömer (also located in Alsancak) where you can take group language lessons (Turkish, Chinese, English, German, etc.) starting at a beginner's level and up (level 1, 2, 3, etc.). Tömer schools have the same program throughout Turkey, so if you are travelling across the country, you can easily take the first level in Istanbul, the second in Ankara and the third in Izmir (provided there are enough students for each given level at your preferred date). Classes are rather intensive from 9h to 13h every day (4 x 50 minutes with breaks), five days a week, with an exam at the end of each level. This particular course costs $340.-

Like in most schools, the quality of your learning is immensely dependant on your teacher - and that might be the luck of the draw. I was lucky enough to have a great teacher at Tömer! Also, it was nice to get out of the house and meet some more newcomers and share the pain of going back to school!

Another option is of course to take private lessons; here too, prices vary as does the quality of what you will find depending on what you are looking for.

Finally, if you are disciplined enough, you can always learn Turkish on your own. "Teach yourself Turkish" (see pic right) was ranked favorite amongst us. (available on Amazon and to order in local bookshops)

Happy learning!

If you wish to share the name and contact details of your teacher (with their permission), or if you are a Turkish language teacher yourself and would like to post your contact details, please feel free to do so by clicking on "comments" at the bottom of this post!


travelpeople said...

Interesting blog and nice pictures!!!

janine said...

Hi! i find out also tomer from ankara has a website www.turkish-center.com and you can learn turkish this way too and is very convenient. they have a 120 questions test to see your level in case you have an idea of the language and is just freat. i recommend to do it in case you did course before or know some turkish. is cheaper and the method sound very good too. give a try!

also i know a turkish lady(she knows italian too)and she teach turkish at very convenient price, the hour is around 40ytl i think and she is great. she have teach to people from NATO too..i highly recommend.

SmyrnA said...

Very useful blog...

bize de bekleriz :


Izmir Blogger said...

the link you indicated (www.turkish-center.com) doesn't seem to work. If you send in the right one, I'll add it on to the del.icio.us tags of Izmir Blog.

thanks for the compliment - always nice to "hear"! ;-)
I checked out your blog too but unfortunately, my Turkish is not yet good enough to read it. Soon, hopefully...

Garrison said...

Pimsleur has also just released their (long awaited, at least by me) Turkish language program. I've found it quite helpful in improving my ability to actually speak Turkish, instead of simply listening and comprehending.

Buket said...


I'm a private Turkish teacher for foreigners in İzmir. It's possible to have lessons at student's or my place. To have detailed information my cell number is: 0532 6870359

Kind regards,
Buket Fazlı

Jay said...

Hello Buket
I am interested in taking Turkish lessons. How much do you charge?

Buket said...

Hi Jay, I have been trying to respond you for a long time but there has been a problem sending comments. I hope it works this time. I charge 50 TL. per hour. You can also e-mail me fazlibuket@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hello, for anyone who is interested, you can also take turkish lessons through the Ege University in Bornova... a 3 month course costs around 500TL. It is monday to friday 9- 1pm. But you will only get out what you put in.. all the classes are taught only in turkish... no english explainations... so if you dont know basic turkish this is not really for you! Also if you want more info you will need someone who speaks turkish to call the uni for you... nobody in the office speaks english. Also, if you want private lessons you should not need to pay more than 30TL an hour! Iyi sanslar!

lilster said...

I recommend Rosetta Stone!
Much cheaper and convenient, you learn at your own pace...

Anonymous said...

Hi everyboody

Before coming to Izmir from Norway, I used very much these 2 sites for learning Turkish.


They have a huge number of members that can solve you any language question and


There I found tons of exercises, sound files etc.
Of course, I think practice is the best you can do. After a few months in Turkey I can speak much better. At least my pronunciation is not as bad as before.


Angelica'nın Günlüğü... said...


My professional educators in the field of teaching Turkish to foreigners.Regardless of what your nation in 50 hours I teach high-level Turkish.
Please call for information.
Ayşe YAR
Lecturer of Turkish to foreigners

Lost in Izmir said...

There is also a really good place to learn English called IZDIM and it's free because the organisation is non-profit.