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11 May 2012

New HyperMarket Opened - Optimum

There is a new Hypermarket that has opened in the past couple of weeks called Optimum. Great shopping centre can be reached by all usual methods but also there is a metro station directly outside the shopping centre called Esbaş This station conveniently places you at the doorstep of this centre. Easily reached by tourists on stopovers at Izmir airport and from the Buca direction of town.

The shopping centre is like many of the current shopping centres in the Izmir area however, it is the only shopping centre in Izmir to boast an ice skating rink. Also it is the place to find my particular favourite store which is Decathlon. Decathlon is a sports store and carries many of the goodies needed to have a perfect well equipped holiday getaway.

Food court

The shopping centre was a little overcrowded because these are the first few weeks after opening but I would imagine this will calm down a little as the weeks go by and it will become a pleasant place to spend some time. Optimum has great internal decor and Photos to follow shortly.
Indoor ice skating at Optimum Shopping Centre

Oooh! Look at those crowds.

Don't you just hate it when you get an escalator bottle neck. "Get the hell out of my way people, I  must buy that toy for my son or he'll kill me."

I eventually found a place where there were not too many people. "Ah! peace at last!"
Optimum is so big it even has a coming soon cinema.
Definitely one of the best views for me is the beautifully painted murals on the ceiling sides. It actually makes you think you are in somewhere as peaceful as the countryside but only if you forget about the hordes of hungry shoppers right behind you in the food court.

Overall a fun day out for all and as long as you don't mind bumping into many people along the way you will be more than pleased to say the least.