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10 April 2012

What ever happened to politely pulling up your windscreen wipers in anger.

I remember when I first arrived in Turkey. If you had parked in someone else's spot and it was reserved or you were cutting off someone's access to their driveway they would be rightly upset. The following morning both of your windscreen wiper's would be pointing sky-high in an imaginary, "Get the feck out of my driveway" salute. This was fine by me since in the UK you would get a real "Get the feck out of my driveway!" salute and possibly two slashed knifed tires to boot. Don't mess with a driveway in the UK. I had experienced the annoyed but friendlier form of this salute in Turkey and was happy with it because I just closed the windscreen wipers to the original position got in the car and drive away without a hint of remorse. I just have to add, I am very careful when it comes to parking and I don't go out of my way to get on someone's nerves, in fact, completely the opposite.

We had bought a new car and the car had already been slightly scratched by people parking too close. Also as people drive away out of their parking spots and misjudge the distance they scratched the car's bumpers. Someone I believe put a hole in our wing mirror as just another injury. The car was already looking pretty battered paint wise from the amount of damage it had sustained, it was now starting to look old.

My wife being a Türk, being a woman, being a hot headed Mediterranean and being not too dissimilar to the woman in the 'Single White Female' film she decides to park on the street next to ours. I would normally park on the main road but my wife has a thing about walking to far when she can use the car. She likes to go the gym a lot but she doesn't like to walk more than 5 metres from the car to the apartment. So, my wife parks in someone else's spot and although there is no law against this because it is a public spot and not owned by apartment owner who has no rights over it, she parks there and then the following morning there is a huge gouged scratch on the side of the car. "What the feck happened to politely lifting the windscreen wipers?" Had we parked at psycho central? Or was it just some kid who walked past the car and accidentally scratched his belt buckle against the paintwork? The latter is highly plausable because there was a case of this teenage boy who wandered around the streets and doing certain things with sticks and then a bunch of cars ended up scratched. On our street there definitely seems to be a spate of scratching cars with a car key or other sharp object. Anyway! Neyse! It has happened and there is nothing we can do about it now. Lets just hope karma works and if this person continues to do this and other stuff to other people that they get what they deserve.