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5 October 2006

Latest Links (September)

For an overview of some of September's latest links read below, or visit the Del.icio.us tags (scroll down the sidebar to the right) and let the tag words guide you

Cooking: A useful culinary Turkish-English dictionnary Yemek Içmek

Education & Languages: Improve your command of English, Turkish or another language at Address or Tömer

Expats: Forum or Jobs

Holiday: Recall the summer or discover the beauty of Cesme and Bodrum

News: Check out a Turkish-American publication Turkuaz, review past press coverage with Turkish Press Review or read the indispensable Hurryet

Photos: See Turkey through someone else's eyes with Turkish Culture and Turkish Nature

Religion: Burak Sansal tells us all about Turkey and explains a little bit about Islam

Women: of Istanbul at the IWI (Istanbul's International Women's Association) and domestic violence reported by the Turkish Daily