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20 March 2012


Utrecht, the Netherlands, March 20, 2012 – Eurail Group G.I.E., the organization dedicated to the marketing and management of the Eurail pass products, today announced that the Eurail Italy Pass is the second most popular Eurail pass sold in 2011, indicating that Italy remains one of the most appealing European countries to visit for passengers traveling by rail.

“The success of the Eurail Italy Pass is really the result of sales and marketing efforts by the entire Eurail team and its sales agents around the world. Of course an excellent rail and tourism product such as the one Italy offers is of importance as well,” said Ana Dias e Seixas, Marketing Director, Eurail Group.

The total passenger numbers for the Eurail Italy Pass in 2011 reached 68,732, a remarkable 8.5% increase on 2010 sales. The Eurail Global Pass, valid in 23 countries (including Italy), was the most popular pass with a notable 100,856 passes sold in 2011. Besides the number of pass holders who travelled to Italy with the Eurail Italy Pass and the Global Pass, more than 200,000 travellers purchased a Eurail country combination pass, which included Italy. By choosing Italy as a destination between these passes, it made the country the top choice on the destination popularity charts among Eurail pass countries.

Italy’s railway network is as attractive as the country itself, offering an impressive high-speed system connecting Italy from North to South. As a result, rail travel has become increasingly popular within the country. The fleet of Frecciarossa trains makes the non-stop connection between Rome and Milan possible in just 2h 59m (this is 1h 27m faster than before the high speed line was available).

The following table highlights the travel times for the top 10 most popular travelled routes by Eurail Pass holders in order of preference – Italian cities dominate the top 5 positions:

  From Station To Station Travel Time
1 FLORENCE ROME 1hr 38m*
2 FLORENCE PISA (+Centrale) 1hr 4m*
3 FLORENCE VENICE (+S. Lucia) 2hr 35m*
4 MILAN VENICE (+S. Lucia) 3hr 5m*
7 ROME VENICE (+S. Lucia) 4hr 22m*
8 MILAN ZURICH 4hr 40m*
9 SALZBURG (+Hbf) VIENNA 3hr 15m*
10 FLORENCE MILAN 1hr 45m*


Trenitalia’s main brands are the Frecciarossa (Red Arrow) and Frecciargento (Silver Arrow), which are known as the Italian “arrows,” connecting the whole of Italy. On-board facilities on the Frecciarossa fleet include features such as: 20% more legroom than on average airlines, sound proofed and air conditioned coaches, room for luggage, electrical sockets, information displays in each coach, complimentary welcome drink and snack (1st class only) and WI-FI internet access.

The Eurail Group is wholly owned by the participating railways and shipping companies with key decisions being taken by the board, consisting of eight appointed member railways. In addition, the Group has many benefit partners, including hotels, transport companies and museums, which offer their services either at a reduced rate or free of charge for rail pass holders.


Eurail Group corporate website and press room: www.eurailgroup.org

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