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8 November 2009

Not checked Jet Kasa Recently but will update soon

I haven't heard of any Jet Kasa Murders yet. So, I assuming that this new self service service from Migros is either running smoothly now, been closed down, or the end of the world has happened and I am the only one still alive. Now, this conjures up a question in my mind, if the end of the world was nigh would the Internet still be running (as was the intention when first invented) or at the first whiff of disaster would it fold in on itself like a pack of stacked playing cards? I suppose we will never know, well I at least I hope not in my lifetime.

Also, another question just popped in to my Alkzheimer's diseased head, If you knew that the world wasn't going to end in your lifetime but your son's or daughter's lifetime would you tell them to stop having sex immediately? It is just a thought because when some of us or young and especially if you are a freak like me you will think about these things deeply and say to yourself, "No children for me, I wouldn't want them to suffer in the event of a cataclysmic event". As you get older and wiser, you then take the stance of it won't happen in my lifetime, and then make babies and get some of your own little spudkins. We don't know though, so by giving birth to the little spuds you could be putting them on a collision course with death. Anyway! Neyse! That concludes my Happy late Saturday early Sunday morning blog. I must be getting old and bitter.