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18 November 2009

Migros Jet Kasa - Update

Ok, the Jet Kasa system as mentioned before in a previous post is an ok system but people are its failure. The system still has teething problems of the human variety, the queues are still quite long in Migros stores and the people still need to be taught how to be their own personal shop assistants.

No, 'at the till murders' yet. Which is a good thing. Maybe this will change the whole society in Turkey, this one small machine slowly giving Turkish people too much patience that they could then wait for a bus for 18 hours like I once had to do in Uganda. Now, that does require a lot of patience. It seems like the Jet machine is trying the patience of many but once the knack of using this machine is learnt, let's just hope that it does drastically reduce queuing time in these stores.