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28 November 2009

Kurban Bayrami Kutlu Olsun

Ok, I know a lot of non-Turks and some Turks too disagree with the sacrificial slaughter of many cows goats and sheep over this religious period, but it is a part of life in Turkey for many many years, so I personally don't have a real problem with it. The only part I do have a problem with as a foreigner is that I would not want to see it being done or to be the one doing it.

In many countries in the world we leave the killing of our meat to the abattoirs to sort out the nasty work. From my time in Turkey I have kind of discovered that it is like a right of passage passed down from father to son. The son being the one who eventually does the cutting of the throat of the sacrificial animal. Nowadays, there is not as much blood on the streets as there used to be because there are designated places for the slaughter to be done. However, after passing some poorer areas on visiting some relatives, I saw that it still does occur in the villages but they tend to hide in a back field. It can be quite shocking for a person from a foreign country who has never seen such a thing to see this sacrifice happen. All I can say as a foreigner is if possible lie low at this time of year if you don't like it.

If you are a vegetarian and you are not able to lie low at this time then you are pretty much screwed because meat is the main dish available for the feast and the smell of cooked meat is everywhere. Good luck to all who are eating and all who are not eating.

Iyi Bayramlar!