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28 November 2009

Centre lane drivers and speedsters

After nearly being in a bayram car collision today I realised why the statistics of traffic accidents are quite high in Turkey. This high death rate possibly has something to do with the centre lane driving tunnel vision syndrome (it's not real I made it up). What I mean by this is that a lot of drivers in Turkey like to be in the centre lane so that they have the option of overtaking and undertaking (going past a car from the right side). What this means is that you can be happily travelling along at the speed limit on a motorway 120kph in the left hand lane which unofficialy is the fast lane, when suddenly a car doing 60-80 kph pulls right out in front of you and you have to slam on the anchor to stop you from ploughing through the guys family and leaving some grieving relatives behind. This guy who pulls out in front of you could always undertake someone if needed and get past an even slower driver that way, but there is a problem with this, because the right hand lane is generally free of much traffic apart from the occasional truck or two the fast cars use this lane as well.

The guys who loves staying in the centre lane have no alternative than to just stop in the centre lane and go at a snail's pace because left and right leads to the Russian roulette wheel of possible death. Either of the side lanes, a motorist who may be applying the speed limit but just insanely frustrated, could try to pass there and inadvertently the centre lane driver could be wiped out because of the lack of applying the rules in the first place. The rule whether written or unwritten is to stay in the right if you are a slower driver, come to the middle and get back in once overtaken and leave the right lane for the hothead drivers with a deathwish to wipe out their whole family in a tragic traffic accident.

It doesn't work this way in England either but if people just used common sense on the road and in other areas of life too, the whole world would run a lot smoother.