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3 December 2009

You gotta try this - Elf Yourself site is open again

From last year and once again the Elf Yourself site has opened it's Christmas site Yippee!!
Put your face on to an elf and either send the finished product or embed it in a web page for all to see.

You can choose from different dances and can add some of your friends heads too they can be your best friends, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, brothers or even favourite pets. Either way you have to elf yourself on this great site a classic from last year and the year before.

Here's one i made with a lion head: (imagine your head or friends head on the elf instead of the cats - to make your own now click below)

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Very funny - take a look and ELF YOURSELF for Christmas or New Year.


Remember an Elf is not just for Christmas they're also useful for getting those barbecue meat bits out from in between you teeth.

Videos: A couple more links that I also liked from last Christmas.

Jib Jab e cards

Pissed off Santa