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31 October 2009

Migros and New Jet Pay System

I like many others like a good idea when I see one and this Jet Payments system that has been introduced in to many if not all of the Migros stores is a good system but it is having some teething problems.

The system itself is not having problems but the people who are using it and this includes me too. The system involves scanning and paying for your own shopping as if you yourself are actually working for Migros. Now, that has to be a good thing for Migros, less staff needed right, Wrong!!

The computer system's only flaw is that the humans that use the system are sometimes ill informed or too stupid to use it. Remember the times that you have waited to withdraw money from a cash machine. Standing behind the old chap who has no idea about technology, or the mother of three crazy children obstructing her from getting her cash, or the young guy who is paying his bills one by one, not giving a shit about the person waiting (which is strangely enough is his right whilst using the machine), well this is like this but ten times as bad.

There is one assistant to help in times of need but unfortunately usually all the tills users have a need. One main problem is from the strange button that says, "fill your bag", which translated means put your frickin' produce in the frickin' bag and press the big frickin button that says so doofus. Then there are the barcode problems where it won't read and then you start typing in the number only to be passed to another screen, thinking you have incorrectly typed the number you stand there like a dork and wait for assistance. Also, you have to weigh something and there can be problems with this too, and lastly paying, putting the card in the wrong way round and thinking you have paid when you have not.

The whole system is great on paper but put this system into the real world with people with kids, people stressed out, people with love life problems, people buying something, very busy and then rushing to work and you have a tool that should not be called 'Jet Kasa' but 'Anarchy Kasa' We may think we have the brains but sometimes when we try to use our brains we can be extremely dangerous.

If you are going shopping in Migros today or in the near future, let's be careful out there. I am waiting to read in the paper of the rising tide in 'shop rage' and possible 'homicide' due to pissed off and impatient (sabirsiz) shoppers. Jetttttttt! Ouuccchhhh!!


çikolatalıkedi said...

I've never heard about that Jet System. It's probably because I don't shop at Migros. I usually go to Tansaş for daily things and Kipa for bigger shops.

Well, like all the new things in Turkey I would be suprised if they had no problems with that system.