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12 September 2009

Kids back to School - Mummies and Daddies Can Rest Now

The schools are starting to brush the dust from their teaching books and the cleaners are starting to mop the floors. It's the time of year when all the kiddies go back to school and after a long break they are rearing to go. The Mummies and Daddies can now relax a little as their little bundle of joy returns to school, gets out from under their feet and starts to top up the grey matter again.

After a long break the Mothers and Fathers are all blitzed out and need the rest from the kids, in fact they need a long holiday without the kids. Unfortunately with the children back at school they aren't going to get the well deserved break, they will have to start earning big pennies for their children's upkeep and education. It's not cheap! But they are your little cherubs so be good to them and one day when they their brains are all maxed out they will bestow unto you great wealth, a wealth which you will inevitably have to throw away on their wedding day. Up in to the air so the musicians can get richer. I can hardly wait!


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