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31 August 2009

Be A Teacher In Turkey - But I Don't Want To.

On arriving in Turkey as a foreigner after leaving your homely shores, unless you found work before you left your homeland, you will be in a bit of a predicament. In Turkey, if you want to work, then many of the jobs are in the Teaching profession. If you are from Germany then the chances are you will teach German, if you are from an English speaking country then you will teach English. That's all well and good for most people because at times it can be an enjoyable profession. But for others there can be problems. If an English teacher you will go in to the teaching arena after grabbing a quick CELTA course or another cerificate. You may have no idea about teaching before this and you may indeed be slightly nervous about teaching since, it was not your chosen career in your own country. There are not many options available to foreigners if they are in the no-mans land of a resident and a non-national. If you married your wife or your husband and are you are here for them then it can be more difficult. You stay as a teacher just because there is no option and the only other option knocking at the door is to leave the country of your partners and move back to a country you do know where they may experience difficult job finding woes.

Ok, so what do you do, well, you could do your own business. You could open a coffee shop for instance. Will, it work? I'd like to say Yes, but what with the price of the rents in Izmir and Istanbul and other places in Turkey and the amount of red tape for a foreigner and in fact a local to start up a business then is it worth all the effort for just a few lira a week. Your coffee shop could make thousands but does it have longivity and are you just staving off the inevitable closing down of your coffee shop and later moving back to your home country? Maybe it would work, but forever unless you franchise I am not so sure. They have a strange three month period in Izmir where the whole city just seems to close down so the people can holiday and go to their holiday homes. In this period, June through to the end of August, there is a staleness and business with rent costs and other utility payments I can assume find it hard and many shops are boarded up over this time only to be reopened by another entreapeneur at a later stage.

So are there other options to a foreigner in Izmir of Turkey. Yes, there are. If you can find a profitable business that sells things online to Turkey (you will need great Turkish Language skills) or to abroad which is better because the world market speaks English then you could possibly make enough money to survive and maybe prosper. There are a few online businesses available and you usually need to use services like clickbank (for payment and affiliate tracking and affiliate selling of other people's products), aweber (for automated emailing promotions - that email your customers 10 or more times in a one by one style to lead them to your sale item(s) ) and then you need the right website. One I have found in a self made business, it is actually a business in a box, you can sell all your own health products and dieting stuff too. The site is pre set up once a small fee is paid and then once you start promoting you can start to make money. No shop or depot to stock, no dealing with customers because the company does this for you and no worrying about follow ups and returns because this is also dealt with by the firm that gives you this package. It is a very well designed site and you should check it out and see what you think, don't just throw your money away. But if you are a foreigner in Turkey and you want to sell something, anything on a world market so you can get some liras coming in for your kofte or Efes beers then this has to be a good option since all the hard work has been done for you. You just have to do the adverts, which can sometimes be hard but they even supply all of the blurbs for you to do this with.

For more information about: Ready Made Internet site take a look and if you don't think you can possibly make this work or you can do better yourself then pass on it. If you don't try then they won't buy, it's as easy as that. From the site you can check all areas but if you want to start a business then click on the Make Money tab.

For more options in Internet ventures you should definitely look at clickbank because of all the vendors selling there products in most cases are offering you up to 75% commissions. If none of these appeal to you and you are still bored and annoyed with your no way out teaching job then stand on your surfboard on the crest of a wave and you may just stay on the board. If not search for more options, in google you can search for franchises and also commission and money earning. With any franchise you will have to leak a lot of money before you see anything happen in regards to money making. If it is a well known brand then it will eventually work but to build up some cash in the meantime start a cheaper to run business that may actually become your primary business.


çikolatalıkedi said...

"If you married your wife or your husband and are you are here for them then it can be more difficult. You stay as a teacher just because there is no option..."

That's sad but true. My husband was looking for a teaching job before we went to Norway.He couldn't find because we didn't know where to search. Now we are back in İzmir. But luckily he found a translation job last year. That's also a good option if you have enough writing skills. He translates between Norwegian-Swedish-Danish-English, and if there's any Turkish translations, I help him. Pays well and it's a good way to spend time for him.

By the way, I'm very surprised to see my "scorpion blog" link here. I don't write there for a long time, but seeing my link here gave me some courage to write again.Thanks.

Izmir Blogger said...

It is good that your husband found himself a job here in Izmir. It can be very dull in Izmir without a job. Once you have explored all the main places and then come back to your pad for the fiftieth time, it can be be lonely for a person, anywhere in the world. There are probably many jobs for foreigners here but I would say the main glut of the jobs are in Istanbul and not "I want to go to my beach house" Izmir.

Good luck with your writing and keep up the good work. I used to like to write poetry myself but the rhyming type. Your version of poetry was much harder for me to write. I am glad it revitalised your site to see it on Izmir blog. Have fun and stay loved!