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28 September 2009

How Much Is The Price of beer in Izmir?

I constantly see that some foreigners are looking for the price of beer in Izmir or Turkey as a matter of fact. Well, the beer is not cheap, which is possibly why it is not such a custom as in the UK or some other countries to have a few jars of ale (beer) after you finish work as a stress reliever, a winding down tool and a get merry and feel a lot better tool.

Obviously, with this social drinking in other countries, there is a side effect, which is the ever increasing amounts of drunken behaviour on the streets, the fights, the outright unneeded violence on innocent bystanders on buses or waiting for taxis and the increasing alcoholism which comes with drinking too much beer. There are problems that need to be addressed in these other countries but ignoring that completely and getting back to the real issue here which is, "How Much Is The Price Of Beer in Izmir?"

The price of beer in a can varies from 1.50 TL - 3.50 TL for the imported quality beers. You can buy in packs and get a better deal sometimes but don't trust that buying in bulk will always make a difference in the price per can. The reason I say this because there is a strange phenomena which I have noticed and this is that let's say one can is 1.50 TL exactly, this can times by 12 in a twelve pack would be 18.00 TL, on a few occasions I have seen it where the price of 12 cans actually worked out at 1.58 a can and charging 19.00 TL for the 12 pack. This may have been corrected now but it seems to happen with quite a lot of products when you buy more than one. I couldn't work it out but on some occasions it is actually cheaper to buy things 12 X 1 rather a 1 X 12 box. Check some of the products (not just beer) and you may see a similar anomaly. The latest product I saw where this was the case was a pack of 5 chocolate bars but it was cheaper to buy in singles and 5 of them. So the original pack of 5 cost 1.20 TL but the single price was 22 kurus which added up to 1.10 TL saving you 10 kurus. In the bars and drinking holes expect to pay anywhere up to 8 TL and in the clubs (like all clubs of the world) the roof is the limit, because like in most of these clubs they believe that is a your privilege for you to be there and not a privilege for them to have your presence.

The local beer Efes, which is fairly good, Efes Dark is a lot better if you're a real Ale drinker you might prefer this one. They also have a light Efes variety and Miller is now a favourite amongst a lot of people who drink beer. The bars are starting to stock a different varieties and are not so dominated so much by Efes any more.

On the whole the beer is reasonable but i find them a little bit expensive, it doesn't become a cultural thing to drink beer in more than 2 or 3's at home which is probably a good thing as far as alcoholism is concerned, although saying this the national drink Raki which is drank by many could blow your socks off a lot quicker than beer and in general is more often drank in a home surrounding than beer. Try all of the beers and see what you think!