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1 June 2009

Saglik Arena Website

The website below is for searching and finding doctors, specialists, hospitals and information about health in general. They also list laboratories which is very useful if needed. This will give you more of a choice about your healthcare rather than just go to one that is suggested by your cousin or a friend that is not in the know. The site does not have a huge list but there are enough names for now, as the site grows in usage and popularity I am sure they will add more information. 

When I searched, I couldn't search via town of city, maybe I didn't do it right but if I did search in the correct way, then this means a better search function is required and listing full addresses would be useful. 

Currently, I noticed that only Istanbul and I saw one Ankara listing was listed. If this can be expanded to cover the whole of Turkey it will be a great database and very important but obviously needs a lot of updating, old and new doctors, new addresses, open and closed practices. There could also be a section for rating the listings, this would be a nice touch. (e.g I went to this dentist and I was in pain for a week, he wasn't caring and he treated me like I was his pet dog - score 10 (10 being the worst) or I went to this hospital with a broken ankle and through the whole procedure they were tentative and caring to my needs, I felt like they put 150% in - score 1 (1 being the best).

I was sent this website and thought it will definitely be worth a mention. Normally, I wouldn't place a blatant advert of this nature but if it is useful then why not. They may make some money out of the site in someway but for the information they provide it is extremely worthwhile. Although the site is in Turkish, it may well still be of use to our English speaking friends if they can negotiate their way around this site in Turkish a little.

The site is linked above as well as below:

Saglik arena