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17 May 2009

First 100 days of Obama leadership in the USA.

Every news channel and reporter has made a report about Obama and his first 100 days. So it is only right that I follow on from my open letter too. 

Dear Mr Obama,

You are doing a sterling job, currently no real enemies in the world, only fresh friendly links you have made. I wish you another 100 days of peace and hopefully prosperity for the economy. I am thinking that throughout history, only you have taken such a hard job to solve so many of Americas problems. The economy, the unemployment situation, the repossessions of homes, the corruption in US banking and financial systems, the over-payment of bonuses to failing bosses and the new threat of a flu pandemic. If you get through this in one piece I will be surprised, but I, and we, as Obama followers, have a faith in you. In times of need, there is always someone who is followed. 

Now, I am not religious whatsoever, so i don't don't follow people thinking they'll lead me to a star, but what I do, is put my atheist faith in someone who can lead us somewhere better. Since the US are the big guns on the block, it's you guys I am following. And I hope that this time you don't screw it up like the other contingency - mentioioning no names of course. 

You have hope behind you, and going back to a childish sentence, but quite adult like that I used to use between friends -"Limitations are a Disease of the Mind!" You can make everything happen, it just requires committment which I am sure you have. Don't be sidelined by some background suits. You have every opportunity to get the heart of the American economy pumping again, as well as keep the peace in the world and also create openings for not so forthcoming leaders to come to the table for talks. We all know America rocks (even if we don't want to say so) and we all know the leader of that country is a powerful dude in all that happens in the world. Anyone else who thinks otherwise is a a prized dufous. Good luck with all your policies! You are doing good! You don't need me to tell you this, especially a Brit. All the same, I have never met you but I can spot a bad man when I see one, and you are not a bad man. Go forth and sort this shitty world out, if it means Kyoto agreements, some kind of peace with Iran and North Korea and pushing Israel to a two state solution, then so be it. 

In Europe we don't understand your closeness to Israel, a country far far away from yourselves. Israel has a right to exist and so does Palestine. Do your best! Solve Israel/Palestine problems and solve a mutitude of problems.

Good luck for the next 100 days.


tonyb said...

I don't have all the answers, but I do have this one on disaster preparedness/recovery:

A letter pertaining to disaster (hurricane, earthquake, tornado, flood, fire, etc.) has been sent to President Obama on behalf of all insurance policyholders. As a matter of transparency on the record of insurance consumer protection, any response by President Obama will be posted on the following Website for review: www.disasterprepared.net/president.html

Qui potest et debet vetare, jubet: (Law Maxim)

Roberta Hoffman said...

Please stick to info about Izmir and take a pass writing about my country as you do not understand the nightmare that is Obama. The man is taking away our free market, placing an anti-constitutionalist on the supreme court which UPHOLDS our Constitution, takes over our banks, corporations, medical system, placed an admitted thief in charge of our country's finances!. He is trying to turn our republic into a pathetic socialist mess such as we see in Europe. NO THANK YOU. That is not what our founders intended. Obama is an abomination and will do his best to destroy my country!

Izmir Blogger said...

Roberta, I am sorry if you feel like I should not be talking about US relations or US politics. The whole world is talking about it recently and has done for years.

I thought that your country promotes freedom of speech or maybe this is only relevant if you're an American citizen. Why does America play a huge part in the world arena but when someone wants to comment on anything American we are asked to be muzzled? You may think that Mr Obama is putting a spanner in the works of your wonderful country's history, but history is in the past, and what will be written about Obama's policies in this current meltdown situation will definitely be more positive than the previous President Bush. Possibly, one of the most hated men in world history but the history books will be the judge on this one.

Don't think that you can constantly step on people's toes and get away with it forever. For once you have a thinking man in power, willing to push for change like many of European leader counterparts, even if it means losing some of their support from their devotees.