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17 May 2009

EUROVISION - NORWAY - Violin BEN 10 lookalike wins contest

OK, so the Ben 10 lookalike won. A mix of traditional Russian folk music with classical "You can't touch this" mixed violin. Very catchy lyrics. 

In my opinion definitely not the best song overall, Iceland won that category with "Is it true". Turkey won the category of most played on radio after Eurovision contest finishes and lastly the UK won best voice and the one that should have won if the time machine had been invented. 

Mr Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, the foreigners love your shows, but they're usually on holiday when they come and see your shows, not in their front rooms voting on their Nokias.

I am betting that if you hear Turkey's, Malta's, Ukraine's, Greece's and Finaland's songs on the good old radio after you will be addicted to them, but the others will just fade away into the Eurovision vaults of music history.

We'll see! I am guessing a number one hit for all of the above in their respective countries. Hope the curse of Eurovision doesn't kill you all off after your hits. Hadise is already a dance music star so she'll be alright. The rest i don't know the full story.

Eurovision still needs to check out the voting problem - I think you should not be allowed to vote for any of your nearest neighbours - only countries one country away - this would make it much fairer!!!

Norway Ben 10, cartoon hero, we love you , but don't change in to the morphing monster with the one eye, he's the scariest of them all, and it will frighten possible listeners away. Change in to the shrimp and you'll get a number one or two at least.

And finally, In Turkey they had a run-up to the Eurovision contest showing some past stars and Johnny Logan appeared, he truly is a superstar and although he has put on some weight and aged a little, he can still sing the tunes and dance like a youngster, he also spoke some Turkish because of his year stay here - good for you dude.

Check his site out below:

Peace to all and long live the Eurovision extravaganza