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5 November 2008

Obama - A new lease of life for America - Good old US of A.

An open letter to whoever wants to read and Mr Obama of course if you have the time in your busy schedule.

Dear Mr Obama,

Congratulations to you for becoming the new president of the United States of America. Well done for being the first black president. Well done for sticking to your guns. Well done for beating John McCain, although i was starting to warm to him. His jokes were quite funny and i was really surprised he made a turn on Saturday Night Live comedy show. And lastly, well done for doing all this whilst your grandmother was in a critical condition and sadly she passed away. So, my condolencies are also with you for that.

Now, I am a Brit and I love America. I used to watch shows in my teens about America and all those American films and shows, for instance, 'The Six Million Dollar man', 'the Bionic woman', 'Wonder Woman' and of course William Shatner in 'TJ Hooker', what a classic!

What has the above got to do with anything you may be asking yourself. Well, 'Six million dollars', difficult to find nowadays in the stock markets by most investors, 'Bionic', super human, a little like the old US stereotype - "Everything can be done by the Americans", 'Wonder', a word that as a child I always wondered about the US and it filled me with wonder throughout my childhood years and finally, 'Hooker!'. Where does the word 'Hooker' come in to it? The current state of the economy, budget deficits and other items I don't really know much about is making your economy the hooker or prostitute (as we say in good old Britannia) of the world. The war in Iraq, Afghanistan and terrorism and extremism will not go away soon and you will throw more cash  dollars down the imaginary toilet. But one thing that can be said is that Obama, you are the new boy on the block and you are carrying hopes and dreams of many on your shoulders, and I just hope that the mess that has been left in the wake of the Bush's can be swept away and be changed for the better.

You have lost a lot of ground with popularity in many countries around the world and you are on a uphill battle to gain the prestige and popularity that the USA once had. If anyone can do it then you're the man. Previously Clinton, an extremely intelligent man, could have given the US a boost as well, but he didn't have the enough time to do so, and you, also an intelligent man, but as well as this, I believe you have the ability to cross many divides. I believe you can make changes and I hope one day i can talk about the America i knew as a child from television shows and general US leakage in to our British lifestyles without feeling embarassed as if i am talking about a long dead horse.

The Russians i think are very harsh to come out with a critical statement immediately before you are about to take office. I hope this is just a scare tactic and things will not ice over with a return to an unecessary cold war. In this time of life changing climate change we have bigger things to think about as a world population and the monetary powers of the world should not fight but unite. The Kyoto agreement should be signed by all parties with a higher percentage of emission cuts and as a world this and not the economy will become a deciding factor in our lives and our conditions.

Here's hoping you stay true to your word and do change certain head-in-the-mud ideas and get your country and the world working, working together as a finely tuned mass. The leaders of the world should no longer look backwards but forwards because forward thinking is what will pull us all out of this mess the world is currently in.

Wishing you, the American people and the world the best of luck,

Friend of America.
British and proud.
World citizen.


James T said...

Well done to Burak Obama too! I too fell like maybe this is a good time for change in the US and maybe the world. Let's just hope this is a catalyst for change everywhere.