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9 November 2008

Christmas in Izmir - Turkey 1

Christmas in Izmir Turkey. We decided to find out lots of interesting links for anyone who is interested in Christmas and are in Turkey, or are just interested in things Christmassy and are anywhere else in the world. These may include Christmas songs, Christmas e-card places, Christmas trees, christmas pictures, christmas poems, anything and everything Christmassy we can find. If you don't check out anything else, please check out the Drunk Christmas Tramp song from the B3ta website, the link is the 1st link below. It is very funny. Well, we think so.

Added some links below:

A Rude and obnoxious sing-song from a Merry Christmas Tramp on BT3a.com
(Now this is what christmas is all about - Very funny!!)


Christmas wavs at I Love wavs.com

Home, Music, Recipes, Games, Downloads, TV/Movies, Stories, Graphics, Trivia and Fun.

All about christmas

Christmas Candles

Christmas Trees (based in the UK - but they may send abroad.

Christmas games 1

Christmas games 2

Christmas games 3


Personalised Christmas Cards

I don't know whether this website is still active or will be active again but for those who didn't see, it is a must see from a previous Christmas. You can add your face and be a singing and dancing elf - that's got to be worth a look in.

Overseas or Izmir flower delivery

Nice comical pissed off Santa Claus video

Pictures of tacky Christmas Gardens (Yards as they say in the US)



Nomad said...

It always slightly shocked me to look up and see Christmas trees with all the lights flashing and glowing. And this- I would think- in a Moslem country? In fact, Christmas goes back even before Christmas to the Romans. And.. really..some traditions are just too good to be selfish with and keep unshared.

Dilek Isabelle said...

:) ok. is it some activies in izmir??? at the chrismas day???

Izmir-2-blogger said...

At the moment I am on the lookout for any activities of any kind. If I find something I will let you know.

Anonymous said...

Did you find any activities? Spending Christmas in Izmir this year and we've found a church service so far but still wondering if there are any other things we could be doing? (dont have to be specifically Christmas related, just festive!)

Izmir-2-blogger said...

There is a church service at the church next to the British consolate, i think after service treats and maybe booze but being a extremely loyal ex-citizen of the United Kingdom, I never get invited to any of these get togethers. God only knows why, it's like trying to get in to a exclusive club which i was supposed to be already a member of.

Your shoes aren't shiny enough you're not coming in. Maybe your wife's too Turkish, permission denied. Whatever it is, i can only guess at. I even sent an email at the address on the website asking for information and that didn't work either at getting me an invite.

So not only am I a leper at social events in Turkish circles, i am now also a leper in the Brit club too.
Never liked you anyway old chap!!

Izmir-2-blogger said...

If anonymous would like to leave details of what he or she has found out i would be much obliged because it will help others in a similar search for something in this holiday season.

Thank you!!

Izmir-2-blogger said...

It looks like i am just not included on the bulk email list - Phew! I am not a leper anymore!