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5 November 2008

Beware of Turkish windscreen wiper lifters.

Turkish, Turkey, Windscreen wiper lifters. What does it all mean???

Well, if you are in Turkey and have ever had the unfortunate experience of parking in someone else's spot, or blocking someone in their driveway or parking spot, even for a micro-second, you will promptly have had your windscreen wipers swiftly pulled up in to an erect position.

Is this meant to scare you? I am not sure.

Is this meant to offend you? Probably, but it doesn't.

Is this meant to make you shiver and jump out of your skin and maybe even die in a quivering mess on the floor? Who knows? Who cares?

I don't and didn't care but it leaves you in a state of confusion. Why would anyone think that by doing this it will scald you and make you feel that the wrath of God has been blasted down upon you. Do they think it will make you learn your lesson?

"You'd better not park here again or next time i will lift two windscreen wipers up in to the erect position!"
"Oh no!! Please don't Mr Irate Driver, what will i ever do?"

Of course, all you do is just flip your windscreen wipers back down, non the wiser and your on the road again. The next time you pass this place you think about not parking in the irate driver's spot again and then you say to yourself "screw him/her!" and still go ahead and park there. Once again he/she lifts your windscreen wipers up again. And so the cycle repeats itself. A perpetual scalding that is not really a scalding at all.

If you are a Turk reading this and you can explain why you don't just scratch the other person's car, smash the headlights in, or even bend the windscreen wipers, I'd really like to know? It has to be the politest form of annoyed behaviour i have ever seen.

Drivers! Enjoy your wiper attacks, and be careful you don't put your wipers down to quickly after one of these ferocious wiper-attacks. You see, you may hurt your fingey wingees!!



Anonymous said...

I have seen this before and i thought this was very weird. The Turkish on the roads at the best of times are quite severe with their reactions to problems in front of them and can be very impatient in my opinion. Izmir is quite relaxed and in general so are the people so why they get this road rage i don't know. Although, putting your car's windscreen wipers in the air is quite kind, and not nasty in the least.

Vladimir said...

I have seen this kind of lifted windscreen wipers which in my opinion means "warning: this is my spot you shouldn't park here". Sounds silly if you had just parked your car by/on the sidewalk. And I also aggree with anonymous, Izmir is quite relaxed not like most of the cities in Turkey in many ways.