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10 November 2006

What does an honest blogger have to do

to get you people to participate?

I know there are people visiting. I can read the reports on my statcounter. I can even see that some of you are from Izmir, the UK, Belgium, France, Denmark, US, Malaysia, Sweden, Israel, Canada, Argentina, the Netherlands, Spain...

I even know you actually spend some
time on this blog. One can reasonably suppose you are browsing through it or even reading a post or two. But for some mysterious reason you remain silent.

It would really touch this blogger's heart and keep my motivation above ground level (if you know what I mean) if you would Please let me know what you think! Or like. Or don't like. Occasionally post a comment or send in some of your own tips, opinions, insights, feed-back, criticism, anything!

And as I said in this post and this one, the quality of this blog largely depends on your contributions.

I'm off for a few days again (and no, this is not an invitation to any burglars) but it would be
really nice if you could, uh, just surprise me ?

But, hey, I don't want to beg here... Just in case, here's how to comment



Mariona said...

Hello everybody! I'm writing a message now because I plan to come to Turkey from France, not for a trip but to live at least few months. I know my Turkish is not quite good so I can't find a very good job in tourism but I will learn it there. So, I'm now looking for a small job like nanny or others in Izmir. I can speak French, English and Spanish. If anybody has idea or something to propose, thank you for your help.. Mariona (manonreguillon@nomade.fr)

Anonymous said...

Humanity is ungrateful...

wildzeko said...

well an honest blogger have a lot to do!!! If he don't then his blog will remain a flat and boring on-line diary or worst: just a boring one!

Many action can be taken in order to increase a blog visibility and interactivity:
- include more than 1 contributor (will generate buzz and chain reaction clik), but choose people who are smart and funny if possible
- advertise off line about your blog (trying to generate an off line community, merchant, expat, whatever)
- advertise online: make yourself visible in other website like tourist website or website related to your target)
- write content that rock! not all the subjects have the same sexy sound!
- be really patient since the success of your blog interactivity will depend much on your target...some times my friends the expats are really to busy setting their life or looking at their poor expat living condition instead of trying to be curious and pro-active (ok at least usually the man is working hard... but the wife... c'mon...)
- Find partneship with local newspaper or local tv (they might be interested by the potential monney of my friends the expats)
- And use your self talented marketing skills... I know it's hot in Izmir but I am pretty sure your brain is not cooked!

I really whish you all the best! And my many encouragement since one thing is true: it's a vey lonely exercice (but might pay off at the end).

Izmir Blogger said...

Thanks for the feed-back people!

Mariona, I've forwarded your offer to some people so I hope you hear back soon. And WELCOME to Turkey!

Anonymous: I appreciate the sympathy, or maybe you are a cynic? ;-)

Wildzeko: thanks for the suggestions. Actually it's not that hot in Izmir at the moment. ,-) I don't think the blog necessarily lacks in visibility not visitors, as much as it lacks VOICE and FEEDBACK. I said in the post, people do seem to be coming by and reading,(or at least spending time on the blog) but they remain SILENT. I guess, commenting is not yet part of the mentality/web culture. I would love to include more than one contributor, but again, same problem - not much interest. You're absolutely correct not all subjects have the same sexiness... but hey neither do I every day! ;-) What can I say, inspiration comes and goes... The main thing is to enjoy it... at least most of the time.
But people, if you want to participate, once again, we're open! Send in your stuff and we'll publish it. Otherwise you'll be reading what the day's inspiration brings... ;-D

Hanne said...

Don't give up IzmirBlogger! :) Let's hope patience pays off. As I am not living in Izmir (yet) I can't really contribute that much myself, but I have questions for all of you living there concerning work, starting up business, nurseries, schools etc.

I'll e-mail u, but first I'll read the blog from a to z. I suspect I'll find some ansvwers posted already.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Izmir Blog, I think you're doing a grand job.
Liked the article about the new shopping precinct by IKEA.
Visited it today as we were dropping some friends off at the airport, and was very impressed.
I don't get to Izmir very often so it's good to hear about what's happening.
Keep up the good work.