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8 November 2006

Latest Links October

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-a useful on-line dictionary: English, German, Turkish...

-with the weather getting colder, go to the movies at
Forum Bornova's Cinema , to the opera, ballet or enjoy a musical. Alternatively, Forum Bornova and its new shops will provide an entertaining afteroon

-discover Ertugrul's tour of Turkey, including Blue Trip Cruises, Spas, and Diving

check out SPAs in Turkey under our SPA tag for a week-end gettaway, or our Holiday tag for tips on visiting Pamukkale or Marmaris.

-find a job via Karyer.net or envisage other possibilities via kareyer.net portal including getting paid to do surveys from home.

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Peter said...


Thank you for commenting on my blog Testing Blogger Beta. I have responded to your comment.

baklava lover said...

I just love Forum Bornova!
Thanks for the dictionnary link. Very useful!