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19 July 2006

Sunsets in Izmir or Please contribute to this Blog

Some gorgeous sunsets

Wouldn't you just looove to see your name on our wall of fame?

You wouldn't? Really? Oh, ok... Well, um...Let's see... I know! You can have a code name!
A sexy name, a name you've always wished you had like James or Marilyn... Or even "Anonymous"... I don't care! Just send in your stuff and we'll place your name in our wall of fame!

Think of all the poor lost little foreigners, who don't know where to shop (some wine would be nice) or where the best place to learn Turkish is... -WHAT?!

You still worried about going public?! Yes, you're right, I would know your real name. But I promise, I will NOT mention your name anywhere if you specifically ask me not to. Scout's honor! Not a word! A blogger's gotta protect their sources, after all. I can keep a secret. 

Now, can we get back to business, here?
Send in the name of your favorite bar or club, review a restaurant, tell us where you hang out, what you did last weekend, hell you can even tell us how to buy a car (without the import tax) or where to get insurance.
Just please, send it in!


Baklava Lover said...

It's about time someone did something like this!

I'll think about what it was like when we arrived and send you a note on that.

Keep it coming Izmir Blogger!