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20 July 2006


I was under the impression that Muslim countries are not the greatest pet lovers. It's not that they don't like animals... it's just that it's not usual for a Muslim family to own a pet - and when I say "pet" I mean a household pet, like a dog, a cat, or a canary that lives inside with you and is a full-fledged family member.
So I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a few pet shops and vets around town.

Shortly after we arrived in Izmir, after all the stress of not knowing if he was coming with the boxes, our dog had swollen paws and an ear infection... Let's just say he wasn't his usual self.

Luckily, we found a lovely "Veteriner Poliklinigi" in Narlidere, where two Vetenerians, Yasemine and Bülent got him in shape in no time at all.

Their English and German are good enough to get by on, and their love for animals filled in the gaps. So if you are ever in need of a good vet, give them a call or just drop by

Ilica Mah. Mithatpasa cd. N° 30/A Narlidere 35320 IZMIR (or in layman's terms: on Narlidere "High Street" going towards Izmir Center, about 700m before KIPA on the same side of the road)


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct, they are both fantastic vets! We trust them with our Cornish Rexes.