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23 July 2006

Cafe Brownie and IWAI's Third Friday

Every third Friday of the month, the International Women's Association of Izmir (IWAI) holds a Coffee Morning at Cafe Brownie in down town Izmir. On Friday, July 21st, I joined the group for the first time -although late (with the local traffic and Turkish driving, but that's another story!) I was greeted very warmly and felt at ease within about three minutes.

As the morning moved on, there were nearly ten of us; some enjoying coffee, others digging into delicious cheese omelettes, all of us enjoying the moment and the open, animated surroundings.
Now if you're thinking "yeah, (yawn) another club all bridge & shopping" -Stop right there, 'cause these ladies rock! I don't know them well enough (yet) to tell you each of there life stories (and this is neither the place nor the point), but I was really happy to meet them. Each of them in their own way, is creating, adding something to Izmir and the region. Most of them, have invented a new job for themselves, straying from the tracks of what their initial professions may have been, adapting their skills to local needs and opportunities.

One of them has set up a construction company with her husband, and together they are making Izmir a more beautiful place. Two others have opened a Guest House in Selçuk near Ephesus. A third is a walking translator-guide-font-of-knowledge having been here for 18 years!

The IWAI has over a hundred members, and not everyone comes every "Third Friday"
(just imagine!) so you can meet someone new every time. Especially if you're new in town, Coffee Mornings are a great way to meet people who speak English (and often a few other languages), know their way around, and know what you're going through as a newcomer.

Cafe Brownie: Owned by Seda Aksoy, a Turkish lady with excellent English. Located just around the corner from the Hilton Hotel. Exit the hotel, turn right, take the second street to your right and walk down 30 meters, Cafe Brownie is on your right.

Cafe Brownie: 1379 Sokak N°57/A, Efes Ishani Alsancak. Tel: 0.232.483.00.38

Next "Third Friday Coffee Morning" will be held on August 19th at Cafe Brownie.


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