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8 August 2012

Turkish Potanın Perileri - Basketball Fairies Quarter Finals - 66-63

A great match was played by the Turkish women's team but unfortunately all was lost in the forth quarter. They played superbly throughout the whole tournament and it is a upsetting that this final match played against Russia didn’t produce a better result and a win. They played their hearts out and this team could have taken it all the way to a gold medal if their shots at times of crises could have been a bit more on target. In the last quarter of the match they had a few shots that if they had gone in could have levelled the game and then spurred them on to a win. There was one moment when Hollingsworth could have got two penalty shots in to level the scores but you can’t blame her since the pressure in an Olympic match is extreme.

All in all a great and gripping match and such a close match – next time with the same team or some subtle new additions they could win. Commiserations for the Potanın Perileri but don’t be disheartened because you played extremely good basketball and you deserve your own personal medal for that. Good luck for Olympics 2016 in Rio De Janeiro


To see how they got to the quarter finals and who they won on the way, you can look at this link below: