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10 August 2012

Foça Bomb Victims–Bostanlı Karsıyaka Walk 09-07-2012

After the dreadful news of the bomb in the locality of Izmir, Foça to be exact a walk was organised that started in Bostanlı on Thursday night and continued on to Karşıyaka as a protest to the bombers of the army bus in Foça.

My wife and I joined the walk as it trailed to Karşıyaka. As it began there were about 200 at most but as it passed through the heart of Bostanlı it increased in size to a crowd of I’d say around 800 or so but many other people joined in along the way with flags waving and chants in support of the people protesting the bombing. A good deed to organise this from the organiser and he should be happy with himself that it was a good show of faces since so many of Izmirians are out of the city in the hot summer months.

With one victim of the bombing dead and four more in critical condition I just have to say, başarılı sağ olsun (commiserations) to the dead soldier’s family and geçmis olsun (get well soon) to the other 4 soldiers families.

Let’s all be vigil now and look for any signs of any suspect packages and report them immediately to the police.