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7 August 2012

Ojolie.com–Cat ecards, dog ecards, cutesy ecards

Ojolie.com offers beautiful, animated ecards with tasteful music for birthday, Christmas and other occasions and holidays.

If you haven’t heard of Ojolie.com then take a quick look at their website to find a fine selection of e-cards that you can send to your friends and loved ones. It is written on their website that their cards are works of passion. This is definitely the case since each ecard is exceptional. You can try their free ecards and there is also a nominal membership fee which gives you access to many more beautiful designs.

I especially liked the dog ecards and also the cat ecards but who doesn’t like cutesy cats and dogs.


Ojolie.com manages to keep the sentimental value of the old ‘send through the mail’ card type and encapsulates them in this wonderful website that leaves many of the free ecard websites that have sprung up everywhere on the internet a sorry last place.


Well done ojolie, keep up with the great ecard designs and keep the sentimental value of your cards going. The internet has been mulled of love and sentiment since its beginnings so, nice to see one company who loves to keep it back to basics with sentiment.