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7 August 2012

Is it me or is it global warming hot this summer?

What with the ice in its millions or billions of cubic litres melting and NASA recently reporting that the recent heat waves and hot weather are connected to global warming it just left me thinking and dreaming of when winter is about to arrive. I need some cold fresh air in and around my body and not the cold air from an air conditioning system that we all turn to in the hot summer months. It is so hot, that when I wake up I feel like a dried fruit, all the moisture sucked and dried out of me. I am hoping it is just a blip on the radar but it appears with NASA’s confirmation that there is a connection to global warming that we could be in for a few more blisteringly hot summers. In Izmir, I have not seen the temperature gauge go up to more than 43 degrees centigrade before but I haven’t been here all that long. Judging by what some of the locals are saying it is hotter than they are even used to. Winter! hadi! hadi! hadi! Come on!

Check out this great guide I was sent to keeping cool in a heatwave.