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27 May 2012

Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Baku

It’s that time of year again, the time of Eurovision Song Contest. The contest that was so fabulous (for me at least), I once missed out on a dating a girl because of it.

This year we have a few front runners the competition is tight but we have a definite winner for the Buge Hoobs prize in Spain, well done to Spain for the Roman costume and the huge boobs.

The Jedwards are back (the weird but strangely interesting Irish twins) but I am left thinking if you didn’t win last year why come back? This left me thinking that maybe because the Irish are suffering a financial crises at the moment (who isn’t?) maybe this type of conversation was had. “Hey! Shamus who shall we vote for in this years Eurovision qualifiers?” “Hey! Johnny, we have ourselves a bit of a financial crises man just send the Jedwards again”. “Shamus! What a bloody sterling idea! We may well just win …DRINK!! GIRLS!!” Actually wasn’t such a bad song this year.

For me Turkey’s Bono was ok, but maybe a little too theatrical to win but then again what does Eurovision like? Theatrics!

Best out of the bunch for me was Cyprus, Italy, Germany and a few more but I’m on the red wine now as ever so who wins is anyone’s guess.

Good luck to every contestant and especially the 5 or was it 6 old ladies from Russia who definitely get the sympathy vote. Aaaaahhh! Like seeing a group of newborn puppies for the first time. Gimmick, gimmick, gimmick, that’s what you need to win on Eurovision. Buck’s Fizz with their removable skirts, Alexander Rybak with his fairytale like violin playing and the Neanderthal look gimmick of Ukraine’s Ruslana - Wild Dances.

All in all better than most years because many of the songs were quite respectable this year. Germany’s entry could actually be a number one hit, but sometimes a number one Europe wide hit is not what the Eurovision voters and public would choose, especially when political voting will again rear it’s ugly head. Let’s hope the votes are spread more evenly this year and a true winner emerges from good music and not just “I know a country who knows a country who knows a country”. Voting is about to begin…

List of countries and songs:

01     United Kingdom    English    Engelbert Humperdinck    "Love Will Set You Free"
02     Hungary    English    Compact Disco    "Sound of Our Hearts"
03     Albania    Albanian[39]    Rona Nishliu    "Suus"3
04     Lithuania    English    Donny Montell    "Love is Blind"
05     Bosnia and Herzegovina    Bosnian    MayaSar    "Korake ti znam"    I know your steps
06     Russia    Udmurt, English    Buranovskiye Babushki    "Party for Everybody"
07     Iceland    English    Gréta Salóme & Jónsi    "Never Forget"

08     Cyprus    English    Ivi Adamou    "La La Love"

09     France    French, English    Anggun    "Echo (You and I)"

10     Italy    English, Italian    Nina Zilli    "L'amore è femmina (Out of Love)"    Love Is Female (Out of love)

11     Estonia    Estonian    Ott Lepland    "Kuula"    Listen
12     Norway    English    Tooji    "Stay"

13     Azerbaijan (host)    English    Sabina Babayeva    "When the Music Dies"
14     Romania    Spanish, English    Mandinga    "Zaleilah"

15     Denmark    English    Soluna Samay    "Should've Known Better"

16     Greece    English    Eleftheria Eleftheriou    "Aphrodisiac"

17     Sweden    English    Loreen    "Euphoria"

18     Turkey    English    Can Bonomo    "Love Me Back"
19     Spain    Spanish    Pastora Soler    "Quédate conmigo"    Stay with me

20     Germany    English    Roman Lob    "Standing Still"
21     Malta    English    Kurt Calleja    "This Is the Night"

22     Macedonia    Macedonian    Kaliopi    "Crno i belo" (Црно и бело)    Black and white
23     Ireland    English    Jedward    "Waterline"

24     Serbia    Serbian    Željko Joksimović    "Nije ljubav stvar" (Није љубав ствар)    Love is not an object
25     Ukraine    English    Gaitana    "Be My Guest"

26     Moldova    English    Pasha Parfeny    "Lăutar"    Traditional musician