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27 May 2012

Eurovision – A lot closer this year but what the f@ck!

I watched Sweden and couldn’t actually remember what it even sounded like but at the halfway mark Sweden is way ahead of the rest currently 234 points, almost 40 or more points ahead of the rest of the crowd. The competition was tight I believed but what with political voting, the aaaahhh! factor and just plain none listening official voters and the voting public who must be quite drunk. The usual Eurovision “What the f@ck!” moment has occurred. Come on, France was good, Cyprus what happened, Italy was superb, Germany was spotless as far as a song goes. The most powerful voice was I believe the Polynesian looking girl singing for I believe Ukraine – outstanding voice. Now, Sweden has won unless something miraculous happens in the last few votes. Let’s clap for Sweden and see how the rest do in the European charts. Maybe once I see Sweden’s version again I will have a rethink of my choices but I doubt it somehow!




Ok! seen Sweden song now. Yeah! I am in the club sippin’ on my bud yeah! Club hit! Maybe! Still think competition was a lot more tight this year. Never mind! That is the beauty of Eurovision – Don’t expect to win because on the night everything can turn on it’s head in a single vote or two. Once that viral voting river starts a flowing you can’t do anything else than just watch your dreams float away.