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25 February 2012

How I Met Your Mother.

How I Met Your Mother. Another late in the day comment but if you haven't been watching How I Met Your Mother on Digitürk channel 4 you should watch it. Great comedy show currently showing it's 5th season on Digitürk but still worth watching. For any of the Friends addicts another successful show - maybe not always as on the ball as Friends was but still some classic episodes and a little more risqué due to a character called Barney and his womanising ways. In real life you would probably despise him but in the program he is the Fun..., wait for it, wait for it, wait a little more, Fun...iest in the show. My favourite episode Marshall and Lily trying to get couples to be friends with them, very realistic and we all know we try too hard when people come to visit. All the unneeded air steward/stewardess mode; More wine sir/madam? Would you like another piece of cheesecake sir/madam?

Many catchphrases spawned from this show:

Challenge accepted!
and many more...

Watch, laugh and enjoy!