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25 February 2012

31st December 2011 - Red Panties Day?

Red Panties and 31st December 2011 and every other New Years Eve in Turkey what do they have in common?

I couldn't quite figure it out when I first arrived, the hoards of women in the markets (bazaar) grabbing for their cheap cut price red knickers. The same kind of scene in all the big supermarkets, hoards of women searching for those special red panties. The same scene in the upmarket designer underwear stores, ladies looking for that ever so popular colour of red in the knickers section. It is a little bit like the Valentine Day scramble for anything red. But why red panties and why on New Years Eve?

I still don't understand the worldwide red Valentine theme. I guess it must have something to do with the heart, and love hearts are red of course! This red underwear for New Years I couldn't really get my head around it. To someone outside looking in, it seems like these women are gearing up for an amorous time with their husbands. On asking someone I knew, it doesn't mean they are getting ready for a racy night ahead (although wearing red underwear could mean this could happen), it is in fact for the luck factor. If you are wearing red underwear on 31st or 1st I believe, then this is really lucky for you. What happens if you don't wear red, I am not sure, but i think this has just become a custom now. Whether it is lucky or not I am not sure of, but if people believe it is lucky, then, like a rabbit's foot, a horsehoe and some lucky socks you wear, it probably does work.

So if you are wearing red panties this following New Years Eve 2012 then good luck to you and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas where this idea came from and how it came to be adopted as a traditional yearly event?

**I am aware this post is very late for New Years Eve thoughts but it was in my drafts section so I decided to post it anyway.**