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6 April 2009

English please!!

A=apple B=ball C=cat D=Doughnut 

Just a quick mention that anything sent to me in Polish, German, French or any other non English language will definitely get deleted from the izmir blogger inbox. The reason - Although they look very nice and pleasing to the eye for the folk that wrote them, they are just wasting keystrokes on their keyboards. Why! Because I can't read a damn word of it. Since this blog is aimed at an international crowd then the main spoken tongue and written tongue has to be English.

Sorry to all the guys that don't know this spoken language but get with the times, the self aclaimed language of the world is English - you can't change this at this late stage, unless of course we are taken over by a higher race and they start a new language called Skintaaachuuwaaaaaah! Then, and only then, will I learn this new language, failing that I'll get my ass kicked by a Skintaaachuuwaaaaaahian brother.