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18 December 2008

Internet Explorer Problem - Try another browser if you can

I was very interested on hearing the news about Microsoft Internet Explorer's big problem only so that someone somewhere would outline all the other browsers available instead of IE 6,7,8 and onwards.

Most of the PC's worldwide are stuck with this and once you have it you can't really get rid of the thing. It's like a bad case of herpes. It's there, you don't want really want to scratch at it but you can't resist scratching at it, but you know it can get better with proper care and attention.

It is a difficult one to handle because when you do updates in some or maybe all instances it asks for an IE variety of web browser to use the update site. Please correct me if i am wrong on this? However, on this problem occurring and if you are like me and too stuck in your ways, or too lazy to try a new browser then this was like a dream come true. Microsoft inadvertantly pushed us to make a change by using bad code that constantly needs checking for bugs and security breeches.

I have now tried the other varieties of browser that i wished to try, and i am impressed with both of the ones i tried. The speeds are lightning fast and it makes me wonder what the hell IE was doing in those wasted seconds (maybe sending personal data back to Microsoft). Whatever it was doing in these crucial seconds the other browsers seem to blow it away, making a 1 MBps connection seem like a 2 MBps connection. For this reason i have placed links below so you may try them out too. See what you think?