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17 November 2008

Some Turkish web-links I found

A few websites I found related in some way to Turkey, living in Turkey and info about Turkey.

Click My Foreign Perspectives with Bea Vanni. One-half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other. Jane Austen. Exploring differences in living and working in Turkey from a foreigner's view. Provide resources for the country of Turkey. Encourage comments to provide more sides to a story.

Click Triumph and Disaster - Thoughts and feelings about life and my experiences as an EFL teacher in Europe.

Click Helping women living overseas.

Click The expat alone.

Click Life as expats in turkey. miscellaneous world travels.

Click Food food food and recipes.

Click Because my rose-colored glasses are always firmly in place--even if they are a little cracked. Currently my blushful (it's a word! I looked it up!) gaze is focused on living life in Istanbul...

Click And Everything Thereafter - Watching the world from İstanbul

Click A Slightly Different Approach - My thoughts and opinions about various political, cultural, educational and other issues that may or may not be related to my life in Istanbul

Click The world is talking are you listening.

Click Foreign women in modern Turkey

Click Turkey in Photos - Izmir.

Click Turkey in Photos - Destinations in other areas of Turkey.

Click Very Arty Photos - Super set of photos from a great artist Ekin Acar - I know a few camera buffs and this is good stuff - Thanks for the link Ekin.

Click Some more wonderful pictures of Turkey.

Happy browsing!


Nomad said...

Thanks! I have added them to my own blog.

ekinacar said...

You can find here some Izmir photos (I took all these photos) http://fistikyesili.com/fotograflar/diger-sehirler/

Izmir-2-blogger said...

I have added Ekin Acar's photos weblink to the blog she is a very inspirational artist by the looks of the pictures i briefly scanned today.

Also added is two links to Turkey in photos informational site about Turkey in general.