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8 October 2008

Driving Lessons In Izmir

For driving lesson and information and driving test information in Izmir you can browse any of the below web addresses i have found but unfortunately for non Turkish speakers they are only in Turkish. If you want to do lessons and then later a test you need to know Turkish inside out especially when informing the testing staff about how a combustion engine works, which i believe is still one of the questions.

Elci Egitim Kurumlari: click here

Metro Surucu Kursu: click here

Ozen Surucu Kursu: click here

A big list of driving instructors and telephone numbers: click here

Motorcycle courses: click here

Happy driving (or at least attempting to, in the crazy driving conditions of Izmir and Turkey as a whole)




TurkishRu.Net said...

Agree on the "crazy driving in Turkey" point. :) I read your blog occasionally and find it very interesting. I also have a blog (http://www.turkishru.net/) about Turkey (though it's in Russian), which originally started as an Izmir blog but then grew into a larger project. Just wanted to say hi and keep up the good work! :)