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22 September 2008

1095 cheap long distance telephone service in Turkey

This link was kindly supplied by the Manager of 1095.com a website devoted to saving you money on your long distance calls. It may be of use to some foreigners and also some Turks but the locals already know of this service i believe because it has been advertised. He says and i quote "This is something really new in Turkey, and so we’re really excited about getting the word out".

From any land line phone in Turkey, just dial 1095 and then the number. For example
1095 00 1 (xxx) xxx - xxxx for a number in the US

The rates are 6.9 kuruş per minute — less than 6 US cents per minute to the US. You also get a discounted rate when calling Turkish cell phones. The bill will come from Turk Telekom just like your regular phone bill.

English web site 1095.com

Best regards,
Yunus Çelebiler
Turk.Net Portal Müdürü


Bitch-slapped blogger said...

Now this is what i am talking about when i mention good service to customers

Vladimir said...

I am happy I saw that little piece of valuable information on your blog. I'm going to pay less next month :)) h

M. M. said...

Try jajah.com for 5c a minute too!