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27 August 2008

Izmir Summer Comes To An End.

Izmir in the summer.

As the summer months come to an end and the tavla and cards are placed back in there places in the summer houses everyone starts to think about work, business, family and money or a combination of the above. Everyone melted and exhausted from the summer heat and lack of thinking straight about anything start to once again gain composure and clarity and begin with the three quarter year life that is Izmir. Admittedly not everyone goes away but for those that do it is wind down time and now is time to wind up the ratchet again and get puffing full steam ahead.

Since living in Turkey or Izmir to be exact, I have noticed that between the months of June to September life just stands still, nothing much gets done, nothing much is thought about apart from the constant calls of the seaside chant. "Let's go to Foca!", "Let's go to Cesme!", "Let's go anywhere but Izmir!". For those that have to work there is an underlying upset feeling of having to come in to hot and sticky Izmir or stay here in the 32 to 42 degrees heat. For those that don't have to go in to or stay in Izmir there's a feeling of happiness as the depression of the winter months lifts and once again everything is as it should be. Life by the beach, family by their sides, with a beer in one hand and a 'kumru' in the other. Either way Izmir city life in summer from most people's mouths, is not a nice place to be.

A nice summery scene from a beach in Cesme.

A week or so by the beach is fine for me, living in the middle of my country in the UK with no smell or taste of sea air for miles, I found that I don't crave for the sea as do other people, and I am fine living in the city whether it is hot or not. However, my other half drags me every weekend to the holiday location, I should be happy but I am not. For me, in the summer the city is quiet, you can travel around from A to B a lot quicker and there are no crowds at all. A lot of people refer to Izmir as paradise but i would only refer to it as a kind of paradise when there are not so many people there. It makes me think back to the olden days when there were horse and carriages trotting through the streets and the population was low. Ah! this is paradise! Not that I don't like people I just like peace and quiet and it is quite hard to get this anywhere nowadays.

Maybe you have a interesting story about your holidays or time spent in Izmir. If anyone has any views, stories or comments they wish to share, email me, drop me a post, make a comment, it's up to you. And as long as it is not outwardly rude or littered with blaspheming words then we can place the view/comment/story or post online.




Anonymous said...

lazy summers in Izmir i remember them well but i like you also liked the big city rather than the constant drone of songs at the beaches.