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26 August 2008

New Author to Izmir Blog


There is a new blog author on the block (izmir-2-blogger). The old blog author (izmir blogger) has had to let go of her baby that she nurtured since its blog-birth. She fed the blog and gave it life and now it is my job to continue the blog's life until it grows in to a full screaming adolescent. A few years pass and hopefully an ageing blog with stories to tell from the past and some still for the future.

It is up to the Izmirees and the Izmir wanabees to pick up your imaginary pen and contribute to the Izmir blog. I will contribute also and i hope that this blog will retain it's freshness and juice and still be there to help the people who checked us out before and not forgetting any new people that come to pass.

The blog will continue in the same vein with possibly a slightly different writing style from before. We will try to keep the format and everything else the same because once a formula works seems a bit silly to mess with it.

The door is always open to posts and comments so come on Izmir come on world do your best.......... or worst........... but whatever you do, just do it................