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2 August 2006

Latest Links (July)

Quite a few of you have e-mailed us tips in the form of links.

Please keep it up

The links have been added to the del.icio.us tags in the sidebar on the right.

Here's a selection of latest links:

  • a useful currency converter under CONVERTER
  • a car rental service that will not leave you broke under CAR or RENTAL
  • more Turkish news under NEWS
  • relaxing activities; massages, aromatherapy, skin care and more under SPA, HEALTH or RELAX
Other new links will enable you to:
  • follow local seismic activity with maps and data under EARTHQUAKE
  • check what plugs you can use in Turkey under PLUGS or SOCKETS
  • understand your phonebill or ADSL package; go to ADSL or TELEPHONE

We wish you happy browsing!