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26 July 2006

Asansör - for a drink or dinner, the view is spectacular

If you're looking for a romantic venue for dinner, or just some place to enjoy the sunset with a drink and some meze... go to Asansör (from the French word for lift) in the Jewish quarter, also known as the Asansör quarter of Izmir.
Asansör, now home to a bar and a restaurant, was in fact built as a public lift in 1907 to make life easier for the inhabitants of Mithatpasa and Halil Rifat Pasa respectively at the bottom and the top of a steep hill.

Now days, you can still use the lift as a shortcut, or to access the bar and the restaurant at the top of the tower (although, I have been told that you may be asked to pay for your ride if you are going for the view alone).

Another item worth mentioning is that you can park your car at the bottom of the Asansör tower, where a car valet will look after it for you, while you enjoy dinner.

The menu includes the typical specialities; fish, calamari, etc. as well as pastas and salads.

The view of the gulf is

To make reservations call
Asansör: Sehit Nihat Bey Caddesi N° 76/6 Asansör- Izmir

And many thanks to KyongHee Suh-Tait for recommending it!


I. Slipovic said...

Dear Izmir Blogger,

Following your reco, I went to the Asansor, the view from there is absolutely amazing! Very good tip and thanks for sharing.

I. Slipovic

Anonymous said...

There is a cafe bar underneath in the belly of the ansansor. It looks a little fake inside but has wooden floors and takes on the effect of a castle with two knights in shining armour (Chevalier).