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29 May 2014

How to ruin the Internet - Turkey

I don’t know if the random websites I visit are all experiencing problems due to Turkey’s banning orders but it appears many random non lethal, non pornographic websites are targeted everyday. Official figures found online say over 1100 or more sites have been blocked or outright banned and although porn accounts for many of the banned websites also a main glut of this swathing attack on the Internet and Freedom are websites that are available in every democratic country outside of Turkey.

I really feel sorry for the people of Turkey because as I write slowly the democratic rights people think they are voting for are being eroded day by day. What used to be a hit and run technique by the people in power to block and then unblock has now become a series of block and stay blocked. The original idea was to protect children I am guessing by banning all the porn sites online and any links to these but now the project seems to have moved forward to ban anything and everything that allows free speech or only bring it back if the likes of Google and YouTube (which is still banned for some strange reason) have you logon with your personal details so as to be tracked.

YouTube blocked because of a so called montage of voices explaining some top secret information (for your eyes only) government stuff. This ban is ridiculous, the internet and in fact Facebook is intertwined with YouTube (you can’t go on Facebook without having a link for YouTube appear on your screen at some stage. By blocking anything and everything they (the people in power) think they are stopping people viewing anything that big brother doesn’t want you to see. There are tools online to get around every ban and block and Turkey’s children and young adults know better than any of the more elderly people how to circumvent the bans and blocks. The people in power are playing a cat and mouse game with no chance of winning and social media took down many governments and I am sure after a period of time of treating your own people like children they will vote at the ballot box to change this. The recent vote was an anomaly because people haven’t caught up with the reality that is currently happening. At the present time many people are not aware of the full story of what is happening but with time  people will slowly realize the democracy they think they have is not a democracy at all.

I wish Turkey a bright future but it is for the people to decide this at the ballet box.

How to ruin the Internet?

Keep on blocking and denying websites, DNS relays and other such ploys to stop the flow of information and sooner or later you will have closed so many connections in the matrix of the internet that it will become an intranet (internal only to Turkey). Since we don’t use encyclopedias anymore because the internet has take it’s place, how will the children of Turkey discover the outside world? In future teachings will Thomas Edison still have invented the light bulb? Will Alexander Fleming still have made one of the most important discoveries in the fight against disease – penicillin? It may sound far fetched but this blocking and banning could one day change the information that it true in the world – subverted for their own means.

Free internet with no blocks is required as adults we can censor ourselves and make our own decisions in life. That was what growing up was all about!