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11 June 2013

Izmir Protests - What's next? Banging Pots or Horn Blowing Every Hour of Every Day!

What is going to happen in Izmir now with the protests? Is it business as usual for the protesters? More banging of pots and pans? Or maybe a change of tact and blowing car horns for 1 minute every hour during day-time for support of Taksim. From what I have seen the protesters are not a minority and in fact could actually have more support than we think. All will be known at the ballot boxes later on but what will Izmirians do now to support their brothers and sisters.

Let's see tonight what will be. It is good to be peaceful but it seems like all groups are being pushed and this is why in Taksim as well as other places where protests are taking place, we are seeing stone throwers and other types of normally (in normal situations) not needed actions.