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12 June 2013

Izmir Nightly Protest Louder Than Ever Tonight

The protests in Izmir of pot banging and hooting of horns in my opinion has increased. I couldn't hear my own thoughts tonight it was so loud. This has now become a ritual of noise, every night at 10 o'clock the noise begins and lasts for about anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes and then calms down because of what I believe is many people going on a march afterwards. This sustained noise does what? Well, the constant noise definitely lets people in power know that the average person on the street in Izmir and other places have grievances also. Maybe it is not the whole of Turkey but in Izmir the support is fairly uniform as far as I can see. How long will they continue? Only time will tell! Will they achieve what they want from their protests, again only time will tell!