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11 January 2013

Sports International–Izmir. A Zombie Thriller kind of dance night.

At the Sports International Sports Centre on 10th January 2013, there was an event. They decided to do a Thriller, zombie, ‘dress up in rip clothes and zombify yourself’ kind of event. The object was fun to be had by all and for them to try and scare the flaming bejesus out of themselves and others whilst dancing to many of Michael Jackson’s hits including Thriller as an end dance. The instructors costumes and dance moves were obviously spot on and many of the dancers (possibly 100 or so people, could have been more) also danced very well, but the pace was fast and frenetic. It’s not an easy dance to do. So well done to everyone who joined in.



After all the dancers who had joined their instructors in this dance had began to start the resting period, the instructors and a few other pre-selected dancers did a full theatrical show out of the Thriller song. As in the video they crawled and squirmed across the floor and then began to dance the zombie dance in their authentic looking zombie dress. Also, another pat on the back for everyone who made their faces up to resemble the dead creatures you wouldn’t want to invite to your next dinner party.

zombies at sport international izmir

The instructors and their ‘zombie for the night’ friends.


Fun was had by all – maybe next time top hat and tails and Chantilly lace, cha! cha! 20’s style dance or dressing up in African dress and doing a tribal dance. Only an idea, but dance is international so all dances are surely on the table for future events.

Sports International Link: http://www.sportsinternational.com.tr

Not a Sports International Video but a nice zombie Thriller video remake in the streets of London:

Thriller–There’s even a dead fur on the floor! That’s just extra dead for ya!


“We know you’re out there because we can smell your brains!”

Brains!!!! Brains!! Send more paramedic brains!!!

Couldn’t find any videos of the real event – Feel free to send me the link and I will post it, if you can find a link of it. With everyone constantly on Facebook and twitter all the time. How can there not be a video yet?

Anyways! If you have a link to a video of the evening on Google, YouTube or somewhere else, send me the link at my link at the top of the page.