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22 February 2012

Trendyol.com–Great site for cheaper brandnames

I recently came across a website called www.trendyol.com It has been around for a while now but if you are not using it maybe you should think again about you using it. It offers great deals on all sorts of named brands and the postage is not high priced so it will still get to your front door cheaper than at the stores. I don”t know how they get these items and manage to sell them so cheaply but what do I care just buy and wear knowing that you haven’t paid over the odds in helping contributing to a shops electricity and water bill in the price of your desired item.

There are other good websites too but this is the one I have found and that I trust.

Cheap is good but what is also good is occasional contributing to the smaller shop owners, we don’t want to kill them off completely, just make them more competitive.


Voice Overs British English said...

They sell everything here - good reasonable prices. Don't sell voice overs but that's why I am here to do British English voice overs for all types of projects.


Anonymous said...

Trendyol is really great for all sorts of goods. I shop there frequently.